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“A Day Far Too Short” by Kevin F. Wishon

Continue reading ““A Day Far Too Short” by Kevin F. Wishon”


“Season Change” by Stephanie Williams Dean

Continue reading ““Season Change” by Stephanie Williams Dean”

“Webs” by Marie Craig

Continue reading ““Webs” by Marie Craig”

“My Dance Career” by Gaye Hoots

When Faye and I were in elementary school we were fortunate to get to take dancing lessons for a year. Continue reading ““My Dance Career” by Gaye Hoots”

“Family Time” by Julie Terry Cartner

Every evening about 5:30, we would hear Mom call to us, “Okay girls, time to set the table.” Continue reading ““Family Time” by Julie Terry Cartner”

“A Hike With Gramps” by N. R. Tucker

Allen grumbled and pulled his collar up around his neck against the rain. Continue reading ““A Hike With Gramps” by N. R. Tucker”

“PeeBee and Skunk” by Sandra Vance

Here I am again.  Continue reading ““PeeBee and Skunk” by Sandra Vance”

“Dialogue – The Basics” by N. R. Tucker

Dialogue is simple. Good dialogue is hard. Continue reading ““Dialogue – The Basics” by N. R. Tucker”

“Seasons” by Linda Barnette

Continue reading ““Seasons” by Linda Barnette”

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