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“Tobacco as We Knew It” by Gaye Hoots

We grew tobacco for most of the years I lived at home. Continue reading ““Tobacco as We Knew It” by Gaye Hoots”


“The Meaning of Ecru” by Stephanie Williams Dean

The fate of the ecru tablecloth has been a mystery ever since my sister, Suzanne, said she gave it back to me after I loaned the revered cloth to her to use with grandmother’s turkey china at our family’s traditional meal on Thanksgiving Day. Continue reading ““The Meaning of Ecru” by Stephanie Williams Dean”

“Mary Lee” by Marie Craig

I found an interesting photograph on FindAGrave.Com from Rose Cemetery in Mocksville. Continue reading ““Mary Lee” by Marie Craig”

“Musings on Science Fiction and Fantasy” by N. R. Tucker

When writing on topics that are “out there”, consider a normal topic and step sideways. Continue reading ““Musings on Science Fiction and Fantasy” by N. R. Tucker”

Guild Member Publishes Historical Fiction

Congratulations to Renegade Writers Guild member Marie Craig. Her latest novel in the historical fiction genre has just been published.

In 1924, Mary Ellen receives a diary for her twelfth birthday and records her impression of events, including Davie County, North Carolina activities. The diary is fiction, but includes newspaper articles and photos that confirm the historical accuracy of her diary entries.

Link to purchase Mary Ellen’s Diary, 1924.

Link to guild posts by Marie Craig.

“The Drive Back” by Kevin F. Wishon

One January day, in Atlanta, Dave sat in an outdoor café enjoying the unusually warm weather. Continue reading ““The Drive Back” by Kevin F. Wishon”

“Christmas With PeeBee” by Sandra Vance

Well, I guess I should say hey. Continue reading ““Christmas With PeeBee” by Sandra Vance”

“Class Reunion” by Julie Terry Cartner

She really didn’t want to go. Continue reading ““Class Reunion” by Julie Terry Cartner”

“Sirmione” by N. R. Tucker

Settled since the Stone Age, the city of Sirmione resides on a small peninsula on the southern shores of Lake Garda in northern Italy. Continue reading ““Sirmione” by N. R. Tucker”

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