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“The Love in Tea Cakes” by Stephanie Williams Dean

There was a day when family cared for family in every sense of the word. Continue reading ““The Love in Tea Cakes” by Stephanie Williams Dean”

“Writing and Keeping Family History” by Marie Craig

Notes on recording family history.

Continue reading ““Writing and Keeping Family History” by Marie Craig”

“Choices” by Gaye Hoots

Continue reading ““Choices” by Gaye Hoots”

“PeeBee on Summer” by Sandra Vance

It is hot!  Even I know that and I am not a human.  Continue reading ““PeeBee on Summer” by Sandra Vance”

Continue reading ““The Penny” by Shannon Grimes”

7 Social Media Sites for Marketing Your Novel

Congratulations! You created your world, named everything, researched, and identified – at a minimum – your major plot points. Continue reading “7 Social Media Sites for Marketing Your Novel”

“Thunderstorms” by N. R. Tucker

At 0433 a cold nose and heavy breathing wake me up. Continue reading ““Thunderstorms” by N. R. Tucker”

“The Old Swimming Hole” by Linda Barnette

When the cousins and I were young, we were carefree and adventurous. Continue reading ““The Old Swimming Hole” by Linda Barnette”

“Be Patient” by Julie Terry Cartner

Continue reading ““Be Patient” by Julie Terry Cartner”

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