I am 70 years old and very proud of that. I have had a good time, mostly, getting to this age. Considering all the things I’ve done, things I still do and the person I am, boggles my mind.

I’m a wife, a mother and a storyteller. Have been a storyteller all my life, the others….51 years.

I was in public education for over 30 years and drove a school bus for 8 of those years. When offered the opportunity, I gave that up and became an assistant media specialist at South Davie Middle School. For some reason, I loved that situation and stayed on for a long time. I am now retired, but when someone tells you that retirement means slowing down, DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT! There are so many things one can choose to do; keeping busy is not difficult.

I like to travel, cook, read, sew and hang out with my family and a few good friends. I also like the theater! I have been in a few plays…I was fortunate enough to be in the last play at the Brock Performing Arts Center before renovation, Blythe Spirit and the first play after renovation, Oliver!

I am married to a very tolerant man. He is a grand husband, a great father and a super grandfather. We have 2 children and 3 grandchildren whom we love and adore! We also have a dog..PeeBee. We love him, too.

When I look at my life, sometimes I don’t think it to be too remarkable. But, when I think of all the stuff I have done, I sometimes wonder how I made it this far. As previously stated, I am a storyteller and love doing that. It is magic to be able to share a story, see the audience hang on your every word and taken away to the place you want them to be. My formal education is not as extensive as others, but life is an on-going education. We must learn as we go…on the job training, so to speak. I look forward to what is to be next in the time I have left here on this planet and most certainly, what is to come on the next.

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