Davie County has been my home since birth. Both my parents were born into farm families from Yadkin and Stokes counties. I married into the Potts family, and they have lived in Davie County for almost two centuries. In 1963, I graduated from high school and celebrated my first wedding anniversary. My two daughters were born, and while they were in school, I continued my education in nursing and completed a MSN. I worked in psychiatry for thirty years.

When I was growing up and getting my education, I was drawn to literature as it opened the doors to so many other cultures and worlds. Reading made it possible to become anyone and travel anywhere for a few hours. My writings come from home and work experiences, and my personal goal is to have some stories published one day. My interest in storytelling came from my father as he made his family and life experiences come alive for me. I never tired of listening to them. As a child my grandfather told the Br’er Rabbit stories and others he made up, all aimed at teaching a lesson. I told my girls the usual fairy stories, but instead of saying, “The prince carried her off and they lived happily ever after,” I ended my tales with, “he carried her off to his cold, drafty castle where she had to scrub the floors, cook all the meals and bear his children.” The lesson didn’t take as they married young too.

My greatest desire is to open the magic door of reading for others. Renegade Writers Guild is the first step to accomplishing my goals.

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