RWG photo Linda Barnette
Linda Barnette

As an avid history buff, I love to read and write about family lore, immersing myself in the in-depth study that goes along with research. What people don’t know about me is that I frequent old cemeteries in search of my family’s spirits. Often, I feel a spiritual connection to those who have passed on. My favorite writings are those closely connected to history and romance. Old places, old houses, old people…the past is a wonderful treasure trove of writing topics. This hometown girl is fascinated by Southern culture, and I express this interest best through poetry.

From childhood on, I have played teacher to neighbors and friends, knowing teaching would be my chosen profession. My career in teaching covered many years in various settings from halls of academia to elementary mobile units! The most compelling lesson I ever learned taught me that teaching is not really about subject matter as much as nurturing the students, and being their mentor and friend.

I’m originally from Mocksville, and there’s no place like home when you live in a small town. Having lived in larger cities, I made a choice to come back home to my family. Thomas Wolfe was wrong when he said you can’t go home again. I did come home, and the decision to return to my people was my destiny. I’m married with one son and a grandson.

Beth Carter

Beth Carter was born and raised in Statesville, NC. She received her undergraduate degree in Speech Language Pathology at UNC-Greensboro and her Master’s degree at Appalachian State University. Beth comes from a long line of storytellers and has been “spinnin’ her yarns” her entire adult life. Through her alter-ego, Sadie Mae, Beth shares stories of western North Carolina.

By day, Beth loves her job as a public school Speech Language Pathologist.  She provides services to students from 3-22 years of age and frequently shares her passion for oral storytelling with them.

Beth has authored two children’s books. The Lonely Little Seashell is available to purchase on Facebook, Amazon and other retailers.  The Promise of the Buckeye, which focus on the two places in North Carolina that Beth loves most, the beach and the mountains is in progress.

Beth lives with her husband, two dogs, and one cat in Statesville, NC. Her family of two sons and daughters-in-law, one granddaughter, one grandson and one grandson “on the way” support her and are often fodder for her stories.

Visit Sudie Mae, Beth’s alter-ego, on her Facebook page.

Julie Terry Cartner

Growing up as the youngest of four children, and uncomfortably shy, I found that I often did not have a voice in family conversations, so at a young age, I turned my voice into writing, a combination of autobiographical stories, poetry and fiction. I was blessed to have a phenomenal teacher for fifth and sixth grade who nurtured my love of writing and encouraged me to continue. As an avid reader, I know how books can open children’s eyes to our big beautiful world, and my desire is that someday my words will be opening other’s eyes. Now that I am retired, I can indulge my desire to write my own stories.

Originally from New York, I attended college in North Carolina where I majored in physical education and English. Upon graduation, I started my thirty-eight year career as an educator, primarily as a high school English teacher, where I continued to develop my love of language and the written word. The mother of five children, I was often pressed to, “Tell a story, Mom,” and learned that under pressure (Have you ever driven from North Carolina to New York in a car with five children?) I could come up with some entertaining tales! Years went by, the children grew up, and I realized that I could not remember any of those stories! Now that I have time, my hope is that I can return to that creative mindset and this time, record my stories.

My husband of 32 years and I live on a farm in Davie County where we have two dogs, two cats, a horse and a donkey.

RWG Stephanie Dean
Stephanie Williams Dean

I liked Renegade Writers the minute I heard of them! I envisioned a group of rebels searching their soul’s closet for a blockbusting book to write! Me too…I get it…just a tiny creative space to fill with words of a literary gem. Hi, I’m Steph to those who know me well. I live on a little farm where I fulfill my childhood dreams… getting a daily dose of nature and forever playing in a barn. I’m momma to a couple of giddy horses who enjoy kicking up their heels and two boy humans who absolutely dread my photo sessions and table talk questions at family dinners.

Every October, my home at Belle Terre Farm becomes playground to scary spirits…fairies, ghosts, goblins and good witches, haunting my house in support of Black and Bling, a fundraiser supporting Forsyth Family Services/Safe Relationships, the Sarah Browder Memorial Fund. Transforming the house into a magical, hallowed tour…my creative talent is pushed well beyond the howling moon.

When I’m not designing tabletop vignettes, I am writing with creative purpose… for over 25 years now.      My feature stories have appeared in magazines as well as newspapers. I believe writing from personal life experience inspires hope in those who suffer. Lykes, Lines and Loves, my first non-fiction, historical book, chronicles my dad’s journey overseas as a Merchant Marine and will be released in 2017.

Life’s inspirational moments are plentiful. I’ve whipped up scrumptious dinners and oil painted dazzling desserts that begged inclusion to my cookbook, fantasized and told erotic short stories, created new literary projects while listening to organ concerts and opera, and sung acapella in the shower. Fortunately, I was blessed with a tiny bit of creativity and lots of drive to blunder ahead, many projects coming to fruition… others relentlessly evasive it seems.

RWG mike gowen
Mike Gowen

I just recently joined Renegade Writers after an impromptu crossing of paths at open mic night.   A former member of Winston-Salem Writers years ago, my writing took a backseat to the realities of raising two grandchildren who came to live with us in 2008.

Being a computer technician by trade, I’ve worked in IT since 1979, am currently employed by IBM    and work out of my home office.  I have a B.S. in Business & Economics from High Point University, and an A.A.S. in Information Technology from Piedmont Virginia Community College.

I’m at an age where giving is more important to me than getting. Having completed about 10 courses in Critical Incident Stress Management, I am a Chaplain with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team. Also, I volunteer for Hospice in direct patient care and as a Chat Counselor for Billy Graham’s online Search for Jesus Ministry.

Writing is something I’ve enjoyed my entire life. There is a sense of personal satisfaction when you see your thoughts come to life in print. I’m an introvert but find myself fearless behind a keyboard. When I was a young adult going through divorce, I was alone with three children to raise and began writing Ask Dad, an online column about being a single dad. I wrote from the heart about raising children, their struggles and my issues as a single parent. Parental questions were welcome.

Over the years, I’ve written for a number of websites and done freelance work for the Winston-Salem Journal.   I wrote about my mom’s experience with cancer and the impact on the family which was published in an anthology on breast cancer. Mom was diagnosed in 2000 and is still surviving today. Having a desire to write for children, I also completed a Children’s Writing Course from the Children’s Institute of Literature.

I enjoy writing comedic pieces & satire, but it’s difficult to channel that at times when you’re hurting. That voice is not heard as often in recent years watching two of my children struggle with addiction.   My hope is to use personal life experiences to write stories that will resonate with children and adults who have walked similar paths. I’ve often said, being a dad is the hardest job I’ve ever loved.    Twitter: @WriteDad    Website:


Gaye Hoots

Davie County has been my home since birth. Both my parents were born into farm families from Yadkin and Stokes counties. I married into the Potts family, and they have lived in Davie County for almost two centuries. In 1963, I graduated from high school and celebrated my first wedding anniversary. My two daughters were born, and while they were in school, I continued my education in nursing and completed a MSN. I worked in psychiatry for thirty years.

When I was growing up and getting my education, I was drawn to literature as it opened the doors to so many other cultures and worlds. Reading made it possible to become anyone and travel anywhere for a few hours. My writings come from home and work experiences, and my personal goal is to have some stories published one day. My interest in storytelling came from my father as he made his family and life experiences come alive for me. I never tired of listening to them. As a child my grandfather told the Br’er Rabbit stories and others he made up, all aimed at teaching a lesson. I told my girls the usual fairy stories, but instead of saying, “The prince carried her off and they lived happily ever after,” I ended my tales with, “he carried her off to his cold, drafty castle where she had to scrub the floors, cook all the meals and bear his children.” The lesson didn’t take as they married young too.

My greatest desire is to open the magic door of reading for others. Renegade Writers Guild is the first step to accomplishing my goals.

Marie Craig

Marie Craig has been a teacher of math but is now a teacher of genealogy and tatting.  She has two sons, five grandsons, and a granddaughter.  She enjoys music (piano, organ) and has been director of the Davie County Singing Seniors for eleven years.  She is treasurer, Webmaster, and editor of quarterly newsletters for Davie County Historical and Genealogical Society.  She is Webmaster for three other genealogical sites.

She has written five books about Davie County history and has received five state awards for the first three.  They are for sale at Davie County Public Library.  Her goal is to write children’s books that use her knowledge of Davie history to teach young people about local history.

RWG NancyTucker
N. R. Tucker

As a child, N. R. Tucker wrote short stories about magical places to escape her perceived boredom of life in a small town. Those early writings were based on favorite book characters. As she grew, the stories and worlds became her own.

After graduating from college, N. R. joined the Air Force and spent over thirty years in the IT field. In those years, her family grew to include one husband, two kids, and numerous dogs. Eventually, she put fingers to keyboard and rediscovered her love of writing.

N. R. has four published urban fantasy books in her Farseen Chronicles series: DeceivedEnthralledBetrayed, and Revealed. Drifters Rising, the first book in her Finding Earth science fiction series, was released in May 2017. More information about the worlds of N. R. Tucker’s mind, including flash fiction, is available at Follow her on Twitter @_nrtucker, Instagram _nrtucker, and Tumblr nrtucker.

RWG SandraVance
Sandra Vance

I am 70 years old and very proud of that. I have had a good time, mostly, getting to this age. Considering all the things I’ve done, things I still do and the person I am, boggles my mind.

I’m a wife, a mother and a storyteller. Have been a storyteller all my life, the others….51 years.

I was in public education for over 30 years and drove a school bus for 8 of those years. When offered the opportunity, I gave that up and became an assistant media specialist at South Davie Middle School. For some reason, I loved that situation and stayed on for a long time. I am now retired, but when someone tells you that retirement means slowing down, DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT! There are so many things one can choose to do; keeping busy is not difficult.

I like to travel, cook, read, sew and hang out with my family and a few good friends. I also like the theater! I have been in a few plays…I was fortunate enough to be in the last play at the Brock Performing Arts Center before renovation, Blythe Spirit and the first play after renovation, Oliver!

I am married to a very tolerant man. He is a grand husband, a great father and a super grandfather. We have 2 children and 3 grandchildren whom we love and adore! We also have a dog..PeeBee. We love him, too.

When I look at my life, sometimes I don’t think it to be too remarkable. But, when I think of all the stuff I have done, I sometimes wonder how I made it this far. As previously stated, I am a storyteller and love doing that. It is magic to be able to share a story, see the audience hang on your every word and taken away to the place you want them to be. My formal education is not as extensive as others, but life is an on-going education. We must learn as we go…on the job training, so to speak. I look forward to what is to be next in the time I have left here on this planet and most certainly, what is to come on the next.

RWG kevin wishon
Kevin F. Wishon

As a Davie County, North Carolina native, I have lived in both Advance and Mocksville. My early years include more than a decade in the graphic arts industry, followed by another decade in the facilities repair field. I earned an AAS in Industrial Mechanical Repair (IST) with a minor in CNC/machining from Forsyth Technical College.

For two decades, ideas for stories and plots stirred in my mind while I focused on my career. My thought was that when I retired, I would pen these stories to paper. After an unexpected illness, I had to reevaluate my direction and consider what I needed to do at this point in my life. I have since tried to give these stories a place in print, and they are no longer just thoughts in my head. I’ve found writing to be challenging, but the warm gift of a well-written piece, is always rewarding. Few things are more exciting than reading something I wrote earlier and saying to myself, “I can’t believe I actually wrote this, it is so good.”

Most of my writing tends to be in the genre of drama and adventure. I’m sure I was influenced by many years of reading the Readers Digests Drama in Real Life section. I enjoy taking characters from one place in life and putting them through difficult situations to see how they rise to challenges and grow as individuals. Additionally, I love finding a message or a warning in these stories; it’s not a requirement, but I like the unexpected find as a story develops. As my writing improves, I look forward to sharing my stories publically and publishing a few along the way.