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“Getting My Attention” by Kevin F. Wishon

Standing behind the metal turning lathe, I looked straight into the eyes of the operator and fellow student. Continue reading ““Getting My Attention” by Kevin F. Wishon”


“Too Many Excuses” by Kevin F. Wishon

Billy had a habit. Continue reading ““Too Many Excuses” by Kevin F. Wishon”

“Encouraging the Young” by Kevin F. Wishon

(Originally typed on a 1952 Model S Underwood typewriter) Continue reading ““Encouraging the Young” by Kevin F. Wishon”

“Unexpected Behavior” by Kevin F. Wishon

Dating is supposed to be an enjoyable time when you get to know someone. Continue reading ““Unexpected Behavior” by Kevin F. Wishon”

“Pretty Little Green Thing” by Kevin F. Wishon

Several weeks after arriving in Texas, Scott, a co-worker, invited me to join him and his friends for a meal at his favorite authentic Mexican restaurant. Continue reading ““Pretty Little Green Thing” by Kevin F. Wishon”

“Over the Ditch and Through the Field” by Kevin F. Wishon

Life has plenty of lessons, and the act of operating a vehicle has plenty more. Continue reading ““Over the Ditch and Through the Field” by Kevin F. Wishon”

“Confidence- Well Shaken” by Kevin F. Wishon

Many years ago, I occasionally repaired computers on the side. Continue reading ““Confidence- Well Shaken” by Kevin F. Wishon”

“A Story with Every One” by Kevin F. Wishon

Occasionally, someone will ask me if I have any tattoos, and invariably, I respond by saying, “No, I don’t have any. I just have scars.” Continue reading ““A Story with Every One” by Kevin F. Wishon”

“A Deep Spring Clean” by Kevin F. Wishon

It’s that time of year again; except, this time, I’m going to make a difference. Continue reading ““A Deep Spring Clean” by Kevin F. Wishon”

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