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“A Day Far Too Short” by Kevin F. Wishon

Continue reading ““A Day Far Too Short” by Kevin F. Wishon”


“Beautiful Moments” by Kevin F. Wishon

One day in Texas, while driving back from work, I decided to explore a nearby town. Continue reading ““Beautiful Moments” by Kevin F. Wishon”

“By the Waterside” by Kevin F. Wishon

Recently, several old photos fell to the floor while I was reaching for something else in my bedroom closet. Continue reading ““By the Waterside” by Kevin F. Wishon”

“Silencing the Tone” by Kevin F. Wishon

I’ve seen you before, and I know why you are here. Continue reading ““Silencing the Tone” by Kevin F. Wishon”

“Because it was You” by Kevin F. Wishon

We met at the train station of life where so many people meet. Continue reading ““Because it was You” by Kevin F. Wishon”

“Winds of My Discontent” by Kevin F. Wishon

Continue reading ““Winds of My Discontent” by Kevin F. Wishon”

“Someone Please Explain” by Kevin F. Wishon

I usually accept a car name as soon as I first hear of it, but occasionally I’m left wondering just what was a car company thinking? Continue reading ““Someone Please Explain” by Kevin F. Wishon”

“Spring Fling” by Kevin F. Wishon

“If you get the breath knocked out of you, sniff air through your nose, and you will recover quicker.” My cousin had returned home from Europe for a visit, and we were catching up on recent events and sharing experiences. Continue reading ““Spring Fling” by Kevin F. Wishon”

“A Writer’s Aspiration” by Kevin F. Wishon

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