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“PeeBee Dreams” by Sandra Vance

This morning my mama said “PeeBee, you were so funny last night. I think you had a dream.”      Continue reading ““PeeBee Dreams” by Sandra Vance”


“Christmas With PeeBee” by Sandra Vance

Well, I guess I should say hey. Continue reading ““Christmas With PeeBee” by Sandra Vance”

“PeeBee and The Time of Year” by Sandra Vance

I don’t know what is going on at my home. Continue reading ““PeeBee and The Time of Year” by Sandra Vance”

“PeeBee and Skunk” by Sandra Vance

Here I am again.  Continue reading ““PeeBee and Skunk” by Sandra Vance”

“PeeBee and Fur Cousin” by Sandra Vance

Well, it is raining here at my home.  Continue reading ““PeeBee and Fur Cousin” by Sandra Vance”

“PeeBee on Summer” by Sandra Vance

It is hot!  Even I know that and I am not a human.  Continue reading ““PeeBee on Summer” by Sandra Vance”

“Possum & Iggy” by Sandra Vance

I was sitting there, doing my cross stitch when my cat, Iggie, comes round the corner and says to me, “You need to come into the kitchen because there is nothing in my food bowl.”   Continue reading ““Possum & Iggy” by Sandra Vance”

“PeeBee Searches for Summer” by Sandra Vance

Today when I woke up, I was in my Big Old Dogbed.  Continue reading ““PeeBee Searches for Summer” by Sandra Vance”

“Cousins” by Sandra Vance

Once there was a little girl who lived out in the country, way away from the city. She was happy living there, just her and her parents. Her life was good until summer vacation. Then, every summer the same thing happened. Her city cousin came to stay for the summer. This was a cousin, not a friend. There is a difference.

Continue reading ““Cousins” by Sandra Vance”

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