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“Juliette’s Balcony” by N. R. Tucker

Shakespeare’s story of Romeo and Juliet is my least favorite story by the bard. Continue reading ““Juliette’s Balcony” by N. R. Tucker”


Typewriter Day, June 23

The Renegade Writers Guild will host their 2nd annual Type-In for National Typewriter Day on Saturday, June 23, 2018. Continue reading “Typewriter Day, June 23”

“Survival Skills” by N. R. Tucker

I love screens on windows and doors. Continue reading ““Survival Skills” by N. R. Tucker”

“Letters, Video, and Memories” by N. R. Tucker

Old letters jog memories. Continue reading ““Letters, Video, and Memories” by N. R. Tucker”

“Strike Out Lazy Words” by N. R. Tucker

“First drafts are for learning what your story is about.” Continue reading ““Strike Out Lazy Words” by N. R. Tucker”

“Only One Life” by N. R. Tucker

When I was a child, a plaque hung in the den of our home. Continue reading ““Only One Life” by N. R. Tucker”

“Save and Backup – Two Functions Every Writer Should Use” by N. R. Tucker

Your computer – be it desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone – is a wonderful device, full of shortcuts for the aspiring writer. Continue reading ““Save and Backup – Two Functions Every Writer Should Use” by N. R. Tucker”

“Car Trouble” by N. R. Tucker

One morning, while living in Italy, I dropped my son at the Asilo (preschool) and drove with my two-year-old daughter to the American base over an hour away. Continue reading ““Car Trouble” by N. R. Tucker”

“Meandering” by N. R. Tucker

It might rain, but then again, it might not. Continue reading ““Meandering” by N. R. Tucker”

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