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“My Dance Career” by Gaye Hoots

When Faye and I were in elementary school we were fortunate to get to take dancing lessons for a year. Continue reading ““My Dance Career” by Gaye Hoots”


“My Grandmother Hoots” by Gaye Hoots

We lived with my father’s parents on a farm overlooking the Yadkin River for the six years before I started school. Continue reading ““My Grandmother Hoots” by Gaye Hoots”

“Choices” by Gaye Hoots

Continue reading ““Choices” by Gaye Hoots”

“Chasing My Thoughts” by Gaye Hoots

Continue reading ““Chasing My Thoughts” by Gaye Hoots”

“The Way We Were” by Gaye Hoots

When I was in seventh grade I became friends with a girl whose personality was a lot like mine. Continue reading ““The Way We Were” by Gaye Hoots”

“Dad Dad” by Gaye Hoots

Grandpa Hoots was one of my first memories. I called him Dad Dad. This was probably due to someone referencing him as my Dad’s dad. Continue reading ““Dad Dad” by Gaye Hoots”

“The Hunt House” by Gaye Hoots

When I was a small child we drove to Yadkin County to visit relatives several times a year. Continue reading ““The Hunt House” by Gaye Hoots”

“The New Man” by Gaye Hoots

My father and grandfather were farmers. We lived with my grandparents in a house overlooking the Yadkin River until I was six years old. Continue reading ““The New Man” by Gaye Hoots”

“The Boys” by Gaye Hoots

Growing up on a farm was an experience I really appreciated. Each day a new animal was born, a new crop planted, or a new type of machinery introduced. I looked forward to a new adventure every day.

Continue reading ““The Boys” by Gaye Hoots”

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