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“Faceless People” by Gaye Hoots

The news of another school shooting brings a sense of helplessness, frustration, and sadness. Continue reading ““Faceless People” by Gaye Hoots”


“A Memorable Vacation” by Gaye Hoots

When my girls were five and seven years old a friend invited us to accompany her on a trip to Florida to visit her in-laws. Continue reading ““A Memorable Vacation” by Gaye Hoots”

“We” by Gaye Hoots

Continue reading ““We” by Gaye Hoots”

“Dusting Off Memories” by Gaye Hoots

When I was in my mid-twenties, my two daughters were toddlers. Continue reading ““Dusting Off Memories” by Gaye Hoots”

“Christmas” by Gaye Hoots

This will be the seventy-second Christmas celebration for me. Continue reading ““Christmas” by Gaye Hoots”

“Tobacco as We Knew It” by Gaye Hoots

We grew tobacco for most of the years I lived at home. Continue reading ““Tobacco as We Knew It” by Gaye Hoots”

“Memories of Advance” by Gaye Hoots

My first memory is a two story farm house overlooking the Yadkin River. Continue reading ““Memories of Advance” by Gaye Hoots”

“Jaden’s First Summer Camps” by Gaye Hoots

My great granddaughter went to her first overnight camp this summer. Continue reading ““Jaden’s First Summer Camps” by Gaye Hoots”

“My Dance Career” by Gaye Hoots

When Faye and I were in elementary school we were fortunate to get to take dancing lessons for a year. Continue reading ““My Dance Career” by Gaye Hoots”

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