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“Pacifiers” by Gaye Hoots

Pacifier is something or someone who appeases. Continue reading ““Pacifiers” by Gaye Hoots”


“My Smith Corona” by Gaye Hoots

When I was in seventh grade my father had back surgery. Continue reading ““My Smith Corona” by Gaye Hoots”

“Distractions” by Gaye Hoots

Continue reading ““Distractions” by Gaye Hoots”

“I Cannot Tell a Lie” by Gaye Hoots

My female cousins and I saw smoke as we were walking through the woods behind my grandparent’s home. Continue reading ““I Cannot Tell a Lie” by Gaye Hoots”

“Funny Bones” by Gaye Hoots

My sister and I lived at the old Marchmont Plantation when we were in elementary school. Continue reading ““Funny Bones” by Gaye Hoots”

“Advance Roots” by Gaye Hoots

I was home alone when a stranger rang the doorbell.  Continue reading ““Advance Roots” by Gaye Hoots”

“Faceless People” by Gaye Hoots

The news of another school shooting brings a sense of helplessness, frustration, and sadness. Continue reading ““Faceless People” by Gaye Hoots”

“A Memorable Vacation” by Gaye Hoots

When my girls were five and seven years old a friend invited us to accompany her on a trip to Florida to visit her in-laws. Continue reading ““A Memorable Vacation” by Gaye Hoots”

“We” by Gaye Hoots

Continue reading ““We” by Gaye Hoots”

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