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“You Didn’t Choose Me” by Stephanie Williams Dean

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“The Payphone” by Stephanie Dean

(Excerpt from A Heart of Steel.) Steele’s friend Sandy answered her phone tentatively as if with concern, “Hello.”

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“Barbells” by Stephanie Dean

(An excerpt from A Heart of Steel.)

If David had chased after her with barbells again, Steele would never know. Continue reading ““Barbells” by Stephanie Dean”

“The Final Straw” by Stephanie Dean

(An excerpt from the upcoming novel A Heart of Steel by Stephanie Dean.)

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“Happy Hour” by Stephanie Dean

(Excerpt from the upcoming novel,  A Heart of Steel, by Stephanie Dean.)

Steele was standing at the door to the closet, aiming her voice toward the nurse’s station and screaming, “Linda! Get in here, quick!”

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“Collateral Damage” by Stephanie Dean

(An excerpt from the upcoming novel A Heart of Steel by Stephanie Dean.)

Reflecting as far back into her childhood as she could remember, Steele had always known a career in nursing would play a part in her future.

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“Splendid Moments of Camp” by Stephanie Dean

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“In Restraint of Memory” by Stephanie Dean


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