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“Eat the Cake” by Stephanie Williams Dean

Any reason to eat cake is a good one–even a superstition. Continue reading ““Eat the Cake” by Stephanie Williams Dean”


“Master Bean Stringer” by Stephanie Williams Dean

I was never more than a professional table setter and Master of stringing green beans. Continue reading ““Master Bean Stringer” by Stephanie Williams Dean”

“The Business of Saving Lives” by Stephanie Williams Dean

“What do you do?” Continue reading ““The Business of Saving Lives” by Stephanie Williams Dean”

“Saying the Blessing” by Stephanie Williams Dean

“Good food, good eats, good god, let’s eat.” Continue reading ““Saying the Blessing” by Stephanie Williams Dean”

“The Audition” by Stephanie Williams Dean

In defiance of my quest for perfection, my son bucked the program and taught me a valuable lesson in the process. Continue reading ““The Audition” by Stephanie Williams Dean”

“Miss You” by Stephanie Williams Dean

Continue reading ““Miss You” by Stephanie Williams Dean”

Continue reading ““Daddy’s Heart” by Stephanie Williams Dean”

“Free and Clear” by Stephanie Williams Dean

In preparation for my major writing project of this year, I was in the process of cleaning off my work desk. Continue reading ““Free and Clear” by Stephanie Williams Dean”

“Life’s Greatest Ornaments” by Stephanie Dean

As I pulled the tiny pair of crocheted skates from the box, a smile slowly spread across my face. Continue reading ““Life’s Greatest Ornaments” by Stephanie Dean”

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