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“Mary Lee” by Marie Craig

I found an interesting photograph on FindAGrave.Com from Rose Cemetery in Mocksville. Continue reading ““Mary Lee” by Marie Craig”


Continue reading ““The Big Tree” by Marie Craig”

“Keep Yourself from Disappearing” by Marie Craig

Why is it important to compile family history? Continue reading ““Keep Yourself from Disappearing” by Marie Craig”

“World War One” by Marie Craig

For over a year, I researched Davie County’s role in World War One. Continue reading ““World War One” by Marie Craig”

“Webs” by Marie Craig

Continue reading ““Webs” by Marie Craig”

“Remembering Mary” by Marie Craig

I spent a good bit of time visiting with my father’s mother, Mary Rose Rash Benge. Continue reading ““Remembering Mary” by Marie Craig”

“Writing and Keeping Family History” by Marie Craig

Notes on recording family history.

Continue reading ““Writing and Keeping Family History” by Marie Craig”

“A Collection of Writing Advice” by Marie Craig

Continue reading ““A Collection of Writing Advice” by Marie Craig”

“The Broken Plate” by Marie Craig

When I was about 5 or 6 years old, my parents and I traveled by train from our home in Black Mountain to my father’s parents’ home in Statesville.  Continue reading ““The Broken Plate” by Marie Craig”

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