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“Writing and Keeping Family History” by Marie Craig

Notes on recording family history.

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“The Broken Plate” by Marie Craig

When I was about 5 or 6 years old, my parents and I traveled by train from our home in Black Mountain to my father’s parents’ home in Statesville.  Continue reading ““The Broken Plate” by Marie Craig”

“Cousin Mattie” by Marie Craig

Miss Martha Malinda “Mattie” or “Cousin Mattie” Eaton was born on Saturday, September 4, 1852, in Mocksville.   Continue reading ““Cousin Mattie” by Marie Craig”

“Clara” by Marie Craig

I’ve always named my cars.  Continue reading ““Clara” by Marie Craig”

“The Dentist Who Played Baseball” by Marie Craig

From the diary of a girl born in 1912.

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“Fantasy Doily” by Marie Craig

When I was about ten years old, I crocheted a doily for my dad’s mother.

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“Cntrol+Z” by Marie Craig

Technology keeps rolling forth, and I have kept up with it on my phone and computers. Continue reading ““Cntrol+Z” by Marie Craig”

“Change of Attitude” by Marie Craig

I started ninth grade in a small high school about 125 miles away from Davie County.

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“The Power of Music” by Marie Craig

I am amazed at the miracles I’ve seen happen because of music.

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