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“Memories in Two-PartHarmony” by Julie Terry Cartner

She sat, curled up in her wheelchair, shoulder-length gray hair brushed back from her face, as always, lost in her own world. Continue reading ““Memories in Two-PartHarmony” by Julie Terry Cartner”


“Summer Nights” by Julie Terry Cartner

Continue reading ““Summer Nights” by Julie Terry Cartner”

“Summer Storms” by Julie Terry Cartner

Continue reading ““Summer Storms” by Julie Terry Cartner”

“Memories in Lilac” by Julie Terry Cartner

As I bury my face in the fragrant lilacs, memories assault my senses and overflow my heart. Continue reading ““Memories in Lilac” by Julie Terry Cartner”

“Spring or Rebirth” by Julie Terry Cartner

Continue reading ““Spring or Rebirth” by Julie Terry Cartner”

“In Her Eyes” by Julie Terry Cartner

In her eyes I see pride. Continue reading ““In Her Eyes” by Julie Terry Cartner”

“Castoff Canine” by Julie Terry Cartner

Returning home from elementary school one day in my childhood, I was concerned to see a scrawny looking gray and brown dog in the driveway. Continue reading ““Castoff Canine” by Julie Terry Cartner”

“February” by Julie Terry Cartner

Continue reading ““February” by Julie Terry Cartner”

“Valentine Memories” by Julie Terry Cartner

Reaching into the back of the closet, Maeve pulled out the box. Continue reading ““Valentine Memories” by Julie Terry Cartner”

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