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“Memories 2” by Linda Barnette

Continue reading ““Memories 2” by Linda Barnette”


“South Dakota, Here We Come.” by Linda Barnette

John and I always traveled by car because that method of transportation allowed us to go places without specific itineraries.  Continue reading ““South Dakota, Here We Come.” by Linda Barnette”

“The Voice” by Linda Barnette

“No, I don’t have laryngitis.” Continue reading ““The Voice” by Linda Barnette”

“The Roar of the Lions” by Linda Barnette

When I came across some old pictures of my dad this week, I started thinking about his service to our community through the Mocksville Lions Club. Continue reading ““The Roar of the Lions” by Linda Barnette”

“Music Lessons” by Linda Barnette

Because my mother was one of 7 children growing up in the 20’s and 30’s when times were tough, she determined early on that my life was going to be very different from hers.  Continue reading ““Music Lessons” by Linda Barnette”

“The Easter Bunny” by Linda Barnette

At this time of year, adults are probably thinking about the religious significance of Easter whereas most children are probably eagerly awaiting a visit from the Easter Bunny. Continue reading ““The Easter Bunny” by Linda Barnette”

“The Good Old Days” by Linda Barnette

(Written for Nathan) Continue reading ““The Good Old Days” by Linda Barnette”

“The Bellingrath Gardens” by Linda Barnette

The first time John and I traveled to Biloxi, Mississippi we passed a sign that read “Bellingrath Gardens.” Continue reading ““The Bellingrath Gardens” by Linda Barnette”

“The Land Beyond the Sea” Part 4 by Linda Barnette

I continued to hear the dulcimer music, and when I told Black Arrow about it, he said that we would try to discover where it was coming from. Continue reading ““The Land Beyond the Sea” Part 4 by Linda Barnette”

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