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“A Woman of Faith” by Linda Barnette

“A Woman of Faith” by Linda Barnette

My mother was a person who had both great faith and great courage. Continue reading ““A Woman of Faith” by Linda Barnette”


“Slick” by Linda Barnette

In Renegade Writers Guild, one of our prompts was to write about how we were either different or the same as one of our parents. Continue reading ““Slick” by Linda Barnette”

“My Life With Dogs” by Linda Barnette

From the time I was 7 or 8 years old, I have loved dogs. Continue reading ““My Life With Dogs” by Linda Barnette”

“Seasons” by Linda Barnette

Continue reading ““Seasons” by Linda Barnette”

“The Last Time” by Linda Barnette


Continue reading ““The Last Time” by Linda Barnette”

“The Old Swimming Hole” by Linda Barnette

When the cousins and I were young, we were carefree and adventurous. Continue reading ““The Old Swimming Hole” by Linda Barnette”

“Lost and Found” by Linda Barnette

Continue reading ““Lost and Found” by Linda Barnette”

“Teaching Lessons” by Linda Barnette

Many years ago I decided that I did not aspire to be a high school English teacher.

Continue reading ““Teaching Lessons” by Linda Barnette”

“My Great-Grandmother Potts” by Linda Barnette

My great-grandmother, Minnie Catherine Hendrix Potts, lived from 1875-1953 on a farm off of Highway 801 just a couple of miles from Concord Methodist Church. Continue reading ““My Great-Grandmother Potts” by Linda Barnette”

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