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“Seasons” by Linda Barnette

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“The Last Time” by Linda Barnette


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“The Old Swimming Hole” by Linda Barnette

When the cousins and I were young, we were carefree and adventurous. Continue reading ““The Old Swimming Hole” by Linda Barnette”

“Lost and Found” by Linda Barnette

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“Teaching Lessons” by Linda Barnette

Many years ago I decided that I did not aspire to be a high school English teacher.

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“My Great-Grandmother Potts” by Linda Barnette

My great-grandmother, Minnie Catherine Hendrix Potts, lived from 1875-1953 on a farm off of Highway 801 just a couple of miles from Concord Methodist Church. Continue reading ““My Great-Grandmother Potts” by Linda Barnette”

“Riding Shotgun” by Linda Barnette

One of the things that John and I enjoy doing is playing the cheap slot machines at the Harrah’s Casino in Cherokee. Continue reading ““Riding Shotgun” by Linda Barnette”

“Going to Tennessee” by Linda Barnette

Many years ago when I was a student at Catawba College, I decided that I didn’t want to graduate and start teaching right away. My friends were all planning weddings for the summer of 1963, but that was not in the cards for me. I worked for the chairman of the English department, Dr. Raymond Jenkins, so I approached him about the idea of going to graduate school. He encouraged me to try for it and was my number one reference. After going through the rather rigorous application process and having a couple of interviews by telephone, I had to wait until the spring before hearing that I had been awarded a graduate assistantship in the English department at the University of Tennessee, my first choice. Continue reading ““Going to Tennessee” by Linda Barnette”

“The Old Mountain Place” by Linda Barnette

When Ashley was a young girl, she loved exploring nature. She walked in the woods, played in the streams, and built imaginary playhouses out of old logs and pieces of glass that she found in the woods behind her grandmother’s house.

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