Recently I faced a difficult personal situation. Sometimes it’s just human to want to open a closed door once again and take one more look back to see if something has changed. Nothing had. I was looking for change. I was looking for evidence of God’s work. There was none. As if I hadn’t already seen it for myself with my own eyes, I prayed for God to prove it to me. He did and in no uncertain terms. He answered my prayer with the clarity of crystal. The truth was difficult to face. Allowing God to impose his will over mine wasn’t easy as I relinquished my desires. Giving up my hopes, and shutting the door permanently was painful. Clearly, what I wanted was not what God wanted for me. I prayed God would take the pain away.

Then I came up with a good plan and called upon a psychology theory. I would recondition my thoughts. Whenever I recollected painful thoughts, I would quickly refocus those thoughts and instead, envision the face of Jesus. After a couple of days focusing on Jesus, both the conflict and pain were completely lifted, and my prayer answered. Of course, I realized that it wasn’t the psychology or the reconditioning theory that had produced a feeling of peacefulness. The answer to my prayers was nothing less than the power of Jesus. I had, in fact, been calling upon His power, and He lifted that burden totally off of me. I share this with you in hopes that if you carry a burden today, each time you feel worry, fear or pain, try to focus on the face of the Lord and be a witness to the power He has over your situation.

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