Well, it is raining here at my home.  But it is not cold, so I am not unhappy.  I have not been able to tell my thoughts for a while as my mama has not been at her keyboard.  I am still not sure what that is.  But here we are today.  Daddy and I have been fishing a little at the pond, and daddy caught some, and I played and ran around but not far because I was on the lead so that I could not run away too far.  My fur cousin, Katy, was outside, and a storm came, and she was afraid!  She started to try to find her home because she had just moved to a new home with her hoomans and was confused and could not remember she had a new home!  So in the storm, she tried to go back to her old home which was far for her because she is a little bitty dog.  Her family was so upset and looking, looking for her!  They went up and down the roads and called my daddy, and he went everywhere, but they could not find Katy!  Then, a good friend called and said another kind person had found her, and she was safe!  We were all so happy!  She got back to her home and went to sleep.  I think she will not run away again because she knows this is her home now.  Sometimes life is confusing.  But right now, I think I will take a nap and then eat something good that my mama is cooking in the kitchen.  Maybe it will be salmon again!  I hope so.  So, now, wait, what do I say when I am getting ready to take a nap in the daytime?  Not nighty-night I think.  Maybe just shut my eyes and…..zzz.

So sayth PeeBee The Dog.

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