It is hot!  Even I know that and I am not a human.  My mama doesn’t like hot at all, and sometimes she is grumpy when she is hot.  Daddy and I went for rides last week.  We went to the river and to that place that has so many smells!  Daddy takes some big, really big cans full of stuff I would like to check out. but he says PeeBee leave that garbage alone!  I don’t know what is garbage, but it smells very good, and I think it might taste good, but I guess I’ll never know.  There are some new birds that come and eat my food.  They have red heads….or so my daddy says, and he calls them cow birds.  All I know is there a lot of them, and the other birds chase them away all the time. That is fun to watch!  Oh, and we went to the house with the big window where daddy puts a piece of paper in a little thing that goes swoosh, and then it comes back and IHAVEATREAT, and daddy has more pieces of paper.  I love those treats!  I think my friend Izzy’s mama and daddy went away for a while, but I don’t know if Izzy went with them.  She has not told me.  Right now I feel lazy and want to sleep a lot because it is hot.  Today I helped daddy wash mama’s car.  I got splashed, but that was OK because it is so hot!  (PeeBee’s mama says, “He is impressed with the heat.  I am NOT!”) I guess that is about all.  Oh, wait!  I had salmon for supper one day not too long ago!  And it was good!  Mama said I was eating high on the hog, but I thought it was fish.  And, oh yes, daddy and me went fishing at a pond that was better than the river, but the water tasted different than the river, and I maybe liked it more.  And daddy caught some fish!   There was another man there, but he did not fish.  Daddy said he was working.  I wonder if that working is like what daddy does when he goes to work in his little car?  Oh well.  I think it is time for a nap.  Outside in the shade.  So sayeth, PeeBee the Dog.

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