On the surface, Kevin’s background in graphic arts and industrial maintenance repair seem at odds with his interest in writing, but muse inspires those who seek inspiration. Years of operating various machines and countless hours repairing broken equipment gave Kevin time to imagine scenes he planned to explore one day.

After an illness changed the course of his life, Kevin turned to writing. The stories he had imagined writing someday, now receive his full attention. Kevin draws his inspiration from personal experience, news articles, science, and technology. He utilizes these sources and plays what if to see if the concept leads to a story.

Kevin enjoys writing stories that explore the growth of a character, focusing on the challenges that the character must face. Two of his favorite themes are against all the odds and making dreams reality.

In addition to writing, Kevin enjoys listening to podcasts and reading articles about science, technology, and retro computing. His favorite downtime reading includes historical events, bibliographies, and current affairs.

Kevin is a frequent contributor to The Literary Corner in the Davie County Enterprise Record. Although he prefers to write in the genres of drama and adventure, Kevin’s first published fantasy short story “Cadabra Teaches Smidge a Lesson,” will be available in the summer of 2017 as part of an anthology, The Magic Horses of Crystal Creek Camp.

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