I was sitting there, doing my cross stitch when my cat, Iggie, comes round the corner and says to me, “You need to come into the kitchen because there is nothing in my food bowl.”  Now, I knew I had put food in her bowl that morning, and she is a light eater, so there should be something left.  But, I got up to go look, and there was the food bowl …empty!

 “Igg, what happened to all your food?”

She looked at me as if to say,” I don’t know. You are the provider of food, so provide.”

Well, I filled the bowl once again and returned to my hobby.  About ten minutes later, I heard a strange sound coming from the kitchen, and Iggie came flying around the corner!  “Yikes!  There is a big rat in the kitchen, and he is eating my food!  Help me!” I am not fond of rats so I said to her, “You’re a CAT!  Go do your cat thing, and get rid of that rat!”  She sat there, not moving.  The sound of crunching continued.  “Igg, go get him!”  She looked at me and said,” I don’t think you understand just how BIG this rat is!  Go! Look at it!”  Seeing that she was not going back into the kitchen, I got up and very carefully walked into the kitchen.

opossum-2255318_1280And there sitting very calmly by her food bowl was an opossum…i.e. a possum!    It gave me a look that plainly said, ” I am eating here…go away.” I took a step toward this creature, and it retreated back into the cabinet under the sink.  I slammed the door and said to Iggie, “OK, it’s gone now.”  And I went back into the den.  We had no more noise that night, and I really thought all was well.  HA!

The next night, I once again heard a strange noise but not crunching this time.  A completely different sound.  A sound of something being dragged across the floor.  My friend Iggie quickly came to me and said, “You need to see this.”  I went into the kitchen to find her food bowl sitting very, very near the cabinet door, and as we stood there, watching, a wee, small paw reached out from under the sink and picked up a chunk of Iggie’s food and pulled it back into the under sink cabinet.  We couldn’t believe our eyes.  That possum had dragged that bowl over near the door to the cabinet so that it could eat in safety!  I told my husband about all this when he came home, and we decided to trap this critter and then take it far away to the other end of the county to set it free.  I am not worried about it finding food.  A possum that smart will have no problem with that.  And, by the way, this IS a true story!!

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