Linda enjoys history and research, so it’s no surprise she prefers to write about the history of her family, immersing herself in the quest for data. Linda’s love of the past provides her with excellent writing topics. She researches online and in libraries, sometimes taking a field trip to old cemeteries, all in search of family facts.  With each new discovery,  Linda feels a spiritual connection to those who have passed on.

As a teacher, Linda taught in various settings, from the halls of academia to elementary mobile units! She believes teaching is not so much about the subject matter as it is nurturing the students, and being their mentor and friend.

Having lived in larger cities, Linda made a choice to come back home to family. Perhaps “you can’t go home again,” the famous Thomas Wolfe quote has it wrong. Linda did, and the decision to return to Mocksville was her destiny. She’s married with one son, a grandson, and a sweet daughter-in-law.

In addition to writing, Linda plays the piano for personal enjoyment and is a member of the bell choir at her church. Her favorite book is Gone With the Wind, both for the setting (her favorite historical period) and Scarlet’s courage and love of home.

Linda is a frequent contributor to The Literary Corner in the Davie County Enterprise Record. Although she prefers to write in the genres of memoirs and history, Linda’s first published fantasy short story “Gwennie’s Quest” will be available in the summer of 2017 as part of an anthology, The Magic Horses of Crystal Creek Camp.

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