Today when I woke up, I was in my Big Old Dogbed.  I am always in my BOD so I am happy.  I got up and stretched and told my mama that I needed to go out.

She opened the door and looked out and said,” Good grief!  Where has summer gone!  Yesterday we had sun and warm and NOW we have clouds and cold!  Good grief!”

I stuck my nose out the door and, guess what?  My mama was right!  It was cold outside so I said to mama I think I will stay in.

But she said, “You have been inside all night.  I know there is a reason for you to go out for a little while, so go!”

way-1457589_1920Well, she was right so out I went.  While I was outside, I thought to myself, I think I will go find summer.  Maybe summer went to sleep and forgot to wake up.  After all, summer was here yesterday.           So off I went in search of warmness and sun and pretty white clouds.  I ran around our house and looked in the bushes and sniffed, but no summer there.  But I did find two rabbits who ran away.  I must have scared them. Then I thought that maybe summer liked my Big Black Truck that daddy and I go fishing in so I looked there and even barked.  But no summer. But I did find a little green snake curled up on one of the tires.  I was glad daddy and me did not want to fish just then. RATS!  Where could summer be? Maybe summer went to see Brutus and just forgot to come back.  So I ran to his house, and we crawled under the porch and looked in his great big doghouse but shoot!  No summer! But Brutus had a really big chew bone, and I got to chew some of it. Then I heard my mama calling me, and I knew I had better scat home so I did.

My mama told me, “Come here Peebs.  You must go on your lead because I must go to the store and get food for supper.”

I guess I will look some more when she gets home.  I hope she gets some meat with bones for me.  I think now I will nap til she comes back.

PeeBeeWhen mama came home, she had a lot of bags, and I know some of them had treats for me!  Yea!  So we took the bags in the house, and mama gave me some treats.  While I was eating my treats, I had an idea.  I do sometimes.  I would build a trap for summer and catch it and keep it for always.  It would not be able to go away again.  So I thought about how to do this.  I would need a basket, some pretty flowers, and a little bit of water to make a pretty little pond.  I could prop up the basket and when summer came in to see the pretty things, bam!  I’d catch it and keep it forever and forever and forever…Amen!  My mama says that sometimes.  Except that I don’t know how to do all that stuff so I’ll just keep looking for summer.

I think summer is hiding around my house watching me look for it.  Maybe if I turn around quick, I can catch it!  Nope, that did not work.  Summer sure is tricky!  I know….I’ll just lay down here in the sun and pretend summer is here.  Even if it is not, the sun is warm, and I have lots of fur, and so I am warm, and it is almost like summer.  I think I will take a nap out here in the sun and just wait for summer to find me.

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