I’ve always named my cars.  My Chevy II was Gertrude.  My LeSabre was Lydia, and my Subaru was Hildegard.  But my 2005 Odyssey, I named Clara.  I recently sold it to my son for his big family.  My sale price was very low, based on one requirement — they had to keep calling it Clara.

piano-1655558_1920When I was an undirected sixth grader, my parents bought a large upright used piano that somehow fit into my small bedroom.  I began taking lessons from Clara McDougle who had a small room with a piano at my elementary school.  I remember tying coins into the corner of my handkerchief to pay her each week.

With her encouragement and my desire, I soon flourished with my playing, and since Clara was also our church’s organist and choir director, she nudged me into playing for Bible school and occasionally a special number at church.  As I think back, I know now that this gave me confidence.  I continue to enjoy and share music.  My two sons play multiple instruments and share with others also.  All of my grandchildren have acquired these skills and talents.  Their music is such a joy to me.  My granddaughter is organist at their church.

I wrote a summary of this on a card and included her photograph to be placed in the car.  I look forward to music being enjoyed and shared with generations to come because of Clara.

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