My great-grandmother, Minnie Catherine Hendrix Potts, lived from 1875-1953 on a farm off of Highway 801 just a couple of miles from Concord Methodist Church. She was very short, had dark hair and eyes, and a sweet smile that gave no hint of the hard life she lived in those days in the country with all of the responsibilities that women had. I saw her often during my childhood because dad took his parents to see his mother’s parents almost every Sunday afternoon. We could always count on her baked sweet potatoes as our mid-afternoon snack—no bought cookies or chips in those days at her home. I knew that they were religious folks because they spoke often of their church and how much they enjoyed going to Sunday services. They are buried at their church, Fork Baptist, and it was only within the past year I learned that Grandma Potts liked to write, and her great-granddaughter Crystal Barnes Parker sent me a copy of a hymn that Grandma Potts wrote in 1924. I now understand that it was her faith that saw her through life and must have been the guiding principle by which she lived. Her hymn, “Prepare to meet thy God” follows and is punctuated exactly as she had it:


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