The Renegade Writers Guild (RWG) has had a wonderful first year. We’ve grown in our writing and made new friends. As part of our first writers’ retreat, in October 2016, we wrote short stories about middle-grade students at a summer camp. We will publish these stories in an anthology titled The Magic Horses of Crystal Creek Camp. This book, available in the summer of 2017, will be released in digital and paperback, with all proceeds going to the Davie County Public Library.


Campers attending Crystal Creek Camp wonder what to expect when rumors circulate that camp owners offer unusual camp activities along with a stable of gifted horses. From the day they arrive, campers are greeted with a palpable sense of eeriness as each day begins with adventure, and strange events begin to unfold. Throughout their stay, campers spend the long hot days of summer creating herbal teas and searching for rocks and gems while making new friends and lasting memories. Of course, there’s horseback riding, and the horses of Crystal Creek Camp are magical.

Young love, friendship, and fun flourish over summer as campers bond with one another and their horses. Soon, campers discover secrets that are revealed through a series of events that portray the mystical nature of each horse.

Does a dragon live in the camp, conjured by an aging horse? Is there a creepy ghost haunting the riding ring? Can horses fly? Are wicked spirits in the woods, waiting for unsuspecting campers to step off the marked trails? How do unsuspecting campers respond when their horse speaks aloud for the first time? Will the lost magical horses ever be found?

Join the campers for a magical summer to remember on the North Carolina Coast.