One of the things that John and I enjoy doing is playing the cheap slot machines at the Harrah’s Casino in Cherokee. As you age, you have to give up old hobbies and get new ones, so we go there several times a year, and it’s always fun. On a hot July day 5 years ago, our visit took an interesting turn or two.

I didn’t quite know what was going on when the lights on my machine started flashing and people started gathering behind my chair. Eventually, however, a worker came over to my machine to pay me the amount of money that I had won. It was a few hundred dollars, which I was so excited about! I usually lose my $20.00 bucks, but I had a lucky spin that day. We left shortly after that and decided to stop for a Coke at one of the fast food places down the road. I went inside, got the drinks, and started to pay for them when I realized that my wallet was missing! We frantically turned around and went back to Harrah’s. I rushed over to the security guard and told him what had happened. He called the people in Lost and Found, and some good soul had found my wallet and turned it in! I simply could not believe my good fortune.

rain-731313_1920On the way down the mountain it rained off and on as it often does in the summer, but suddenly the sky opened, and rain poured down hard enough that we could not see much at all. We could see well enough to realize that the car in front of us on the highway had hit the car in front of him and caused it to turn sideways in the road. We would have hit that car going 60 mph but for John’s quick thinking and equally quick reflexes. He pulled over into the left lane next to an 18-wheeler whose driver realized what was going on and moved over just far enough for us to squeeze through the space between the truck and the wrecked car. At that point I started to cry and cried uncontrollably for about 30 minutes or so obviously because I had been sure we were going to die. I had never reacted that way before, and it was scary. Of course, we thanked God for letting us live and gave Him all praise and glory. He was riding shotgun with us that day!