Technology keeps rolling forth, and I have kept up with it on my phone and computers. typewriter-875310_1920But I think back to typing class in high school with non-electric typewriters. The goal was to type fast and accurately. You didn’t dare make a mistake because it was so difficult to correct. If you used a specially coated paper, you could use a designated eraser that removed what you’d typed wrong. If you had carbon paper and were making more than one copy, you had to roll the carriage around so you could erase each layer of paper and blow the debris away. But wait.

First, you had to insert a small piece of paper under the carbon in each layer because the pressure of the eraser would cause the carbon paper to make a smudge on your copy. After erasing, you had to take out each of these little papers or the carbon paper would not duplicate onto the copy. Then you had to roll it back to get it at just the right spot to resume typing. This was a lot of trouble, and you had to concentrate with a great determination not to make any more mistakes.

The next correction tool was a little bottle of white liquid with a brush. Most of the time, if you shook the bottle first, you could hide the mistake. Typewriters with changeable type, built-in correction tape, and electric motors made this a little easier.

Young people who glibly type with computer software should be required to type on these old clunker typewriters to appreciate having computers that are so easy to use. With computers, if the spell-checker doesn’t automatically correct your spelling, it’s not a problem to hit backspace and take out the errors.

My favorite computer trick is Control + Z. If you’ve typed something and want to trash it all or reverse a computer choice, just hold down the Control key while tapping the Z key. Just magic!  I wonder if our young people live their lives like that. If they make a mistake in their lives, just hit Control + Z. Easy ways to do something seem to be the goals today. No evidence of mistake; it never existed. Perhaps we need more accountability.

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