I am amazed at the miracles I’ve seen happen because of music.

background-1800936_1920There’s a quote, “Time Spent Singing is Not Deducted from Your Life.” I fully believe that. We have a senior singing group in Davie County, and I love to see the joy we bring when we sing to patients, clients, audiences, and parties.

Several years ago, we were singing at a care center in Salisbury. Some of the clients were awake and aware and responded to our presentation. However, there was one older lady on a rolling bed in the audience. There was no response, whatsoever, and I wondered how much she was receiving. We started singing the hymn “In the Garden. I come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses…. and He walks with me and He talks with me….”

I glanced around and realized this lady was singing every single word with us on all verses. The nurses were astounded and couldn’t believe their eyes. As soon as the song was over, she was gone again.

The same thing happened at a care center here in Davie County. They rolled a woman into the room in her bed. There were balloons tied on the posts because it was her birthday that day. Her daughter was there and tried to summon her back to consciousness. “Wake up, mama, they’re going to sing to you. I know they’ll sing Happy Birthday to you.” After we sang to her, there was no response, but we continued singing our cowboy theme that month.

We sang “Home on the Range”, and some part of that song was still active in the birthday girl’s brain. She opened her eyes and sang with us. Her daughter was crying because she had her mother back for a few minutes. Alas, the song was over, and her responding mother was back in her own world. But for a few minutes…

I’ve seen music quiet rowdy children, calm the upset, give succor to grieving, and give balm to the sick.

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