All my life I can remember this very small cup and saucer being on my parents’ dresser.

goldcupI asked my mother about heirlooms and wrote down what she told me. On this item, she said that she and her sister Mae used to ride with their dad on the wagon as he drove from their farm into Mocksville. They knew two old maid sisters in town and would go to visit them. At one of these visits, one of the sisters, Miss Alice Lee, gave her this gift, and she had always treasured it. I have it now and it is special to me, also.

Part Two of the story:

When I was one year old, my parents and I moved from Statesville to Black Mountain. I started taking piano lessons in the sixth grade from Clara McDougle. She was the organist at our church, was wife of my elementary school principal, and was a piano teacher with a little room at our school.

She meant a lot to me, and I learned quickly and have appreciated the piano, organ, and voice lessons she shared with me. I still use all three of these skills in my church and for enjoyment at home. I realized a few years ago that I knew nothing about her, and I set myself a goal of compiling her family history, much as I did my own family.

In searching her husband’s family, I remembered his father who was also a member of our church. He was first married to a woman who had seven children, one of whom was Clara’s husband. This wife died, and he remarried a younger woman and had one daughter who was my age. Then this second wife died. Mr. McDougle was approaching 90 years old when he went to live at the Methodist Home in Charlotte. In a year or so, he married one of the residents, a woman in her middle-80’s who was from Mocksville who had never been married. Her name was Alice Lee.

I moved to Mocksville in 2004, and so my little cup and saucer have returned home to Mocksville, and I have another link to my wonderful piano teacher and friend, Clara McDougle.