My Beloved:

I hope this letter finds you well. I have no doubt you are working tirelessly to maintain all that we hold so dear during these difficult times. Truthfully, I envy your inner strength, as you seem to handle it all with ne’er one complaint. On the other hand, I cannot say how many times my mind has turned to you over these past few weeks. Only a call to arms or a difficult task prevents my mind from dwelling on our precious times together. Never would I have dreamed of missing the foul odors of our farm, as much as freshly laundered sheets hanging from the clothesline, but I do miss it. However, I miss you far more. writing-1209121_1280Your absence makes these hours and this place a nightmare; my days with you have been the only times I have ever felt truly alive. Yet, I know my duty is here and my conscience would never allow me to do anything otherwise. Only by knowing you are there, awaiting my return, am I able to remain sane in this terrible struggle. Please know that once you hear of this war’s end, my return shall be as fast as God will convey me into your waiting arms. Nevertheless, as we have discussed should I not return, press onward and do not let my absence hinder you from appreciating any joy that may come into your life.

I cannot tell you how much I long for this war to be over, but I am committed to staying until this matter concludes. Forgive me for not being there in your times of loneliness, but please know that you and your well-being are never far from my mind. I look forward to resuming our evening walks together, across the fields, and down to the stream. Also, I am certain that the flowers you planted earlier this year are now in full bloom; surely, they must be a pleasure to behold. Although mail here is rare, it always does my heart much good to hear any word from you. I can only hope this letter will do the same for you. Rest assured of my love for you and pray that we may not be too long in concluding this war.

Your darling devoted farm boy

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