The Renegade Writers Guild enjoyed a wonderful first year. It began with a desire to connect with other writers in the local area. Individual goals remain varied, but the desire to improve writing skills remains the driving force of the guild. The camaraderie, motivation, and support we provide each other make the solitary art of writing a little less solitary and a lot more educational.

Training during a guild meeting.

We meet twice a month at the Davie County Public Library to improve our craft and support each other’s work. Meetings include genre-specific writing assignments, guest speakers or writing improvement discussions, and prompts for timed writings. Guild members have stepped outside their writing preference to try new genres, including children and young adult, memoirs, historical fiction,  self-help, fantasy, and romance. Some members were surprised to discover that they could write poems, while others were amazed that they could write fiction. Before each meeting, we have a potluck sponsored by Sagebrush Steakhouse in Mocksville.

Open Mic Night, the first Friday of each month, takes place at Corners, providing us the opportunity to read our words aloud to an audience. A first for many in the guild. It’s great fun to enjoy a cup of preferred beverage and listen to our fellow writers.

Hard at work during the retreat.

A writing retreat at the Old Salem Flour Box Tea Room resulted in a set of children’s short stories to be published in 2017. The stories take place in a fictional summer camp in North Carolina.

Guild members close out the year with excellent accomplishments. Individual guild members have published six historical family books and two fantasy novels. Fifty-six short stories and poems were published in the Davie County Enterprise Record. The paper graciously provides The Literary Corner to showcase short writings.

We closed out the year with a Christmas party, attended by guild members and some of our guest speakers. I, for one, can’t wait to see what the Renegade Writers Guild does in 2017.