Do you want to improve your storytelling process?

Starting September 20th, the RWG will delve into a book, reviewing the six competencies over the span of a few meetings, to give you a basic understanding of the process. Check out Story Engineering by Larry Brooks for a review of the book.

There is no requirement to purchase the book or read it ahead of time. We will review the highlights in class. One copy is available through the Davie County Public Library.

IMG_2177Story Engineering: Mastering the 6 Core Competencies of Successful Writing by Larry Brooks provides insight into the process of organizing your book at the beginning of the process rather than repeated plot rewrites. While this process is focused on fiction, it provides a good blueprint for organizing your story regardless of genre to achieve the best layout.

My testimonial: I took the principles in this book and applied them to two books in process and reviewed one already published book.

  • One book in progress was on track and already followed the core competencies process.
  • One of the books in progress was in trouble as I didn’t like the flow. I reorganized the book based on these principles and I’m very happy with the result.
  • With the already published book, I went through my drafts and discovered that I did three plot rewrites, or organizational adjustments, before I was pleased with the plot of my book. So, while I found the sweet spot on my own, I believe that I would have gotten there quicker if I had started with this organizational model.

I write organically (meaning I don’t do a full outline before I write), yet this book appeals to my sense of organization. I think the six core competencies defined in this book will reduce the amount of plot rewrites needed to have a publish worthy book.